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Technologies used

ReactJS, NodeJS, Semantic UI, MySQL, Ant Design, Bootstrap, Mongo DB

Basic info

This ecommerce platform lists premium domain names, and users can bid on them or buy
them instantly. Sellers can pick the winners, and the unique platform helps them navigate
sales with ease. We don't automatically select the highest bidder for the seller but let them
choose manually.
Currently, it's an excellent time to buy, sell, or bid on domain names, as our commission is
only 5%. It's easy, free, and there are no hidden fees. We only charge a commission fee
when you complete a sale.

How Traderlo Works

Any seller or domain broker can open a free account and use our revolutionary service

Why Traderlo?

We are making selling much more accessible with unlimited domain listings and no hidden
fees minus a 5% earning fee!

The Work
  • Product in North American Market
  • 21+ Modules
  • Managed Cloud Security
  • Road map till 2024
  • 20,000+ hours of coding
  • 12 member team
  • >$200,000 in revenue

Buying and Selling Digital Assets is easy now

Not only are our commission prices among the lowest, but it's easy to sell domains, apps,
websites, or software. No hidden fees and listing is free. We only charge a 5% commission
after each successful sale.

Can I List a Revenue-Based Online Website?

Right now, we support small businesses with revenue.

What Technologies Does This Platform Use?

We use a free marketplace for auctioning domains and basing it on a $0 commission.

Offer Module

Simply auction them for free without any fees. It’s easy and with no strings attached.

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